Welcome! 歡迎您!

My name is Grady Leach, and I am currently the Director of Foreign Affairs and interpreter-in-residence at the Apricot Forest Chinese Medicine Hospital (黃山杏林中醫院) in the Yellow Mountain district of Anhui Province in the People’s Republic of China.  I am also a formal student since 2007 of the hospital’s founder Dr. Jiang Feng (江峰), the preeminent doctor of classical Chinese medicine & medical qigong actively practicing in mainland China today.  As the sole Western practitioner of Dr. Jiang’s medicine I serve as an integrative health consultant for clients in Europe and the Americas in an effort to bring this knowledge to those who are unable to travel to China.  In addition I am the author of “The Stress Vaccine” (a book about qigong, meditation, and holistic stress management), and a volunteer operating room translator and team leader for Operation Smile China.  Welcome to my online home and please bear with me, as I am in the process of transferring the site to a new server and it will take a few more weeks to have everything up and running smoothly.