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Apricot Forest Hospital Opening Ceremony


Dr. Jiang Feng, government leaders, and representatives of 10 foreign countries on stage for the opening ceremony.

On March the 28th, 2013 Apricot Forest Hospital held an opening ceremony attended by over 100 foreign guests from 10 different countries, including medical professionals, University professors, students and practitioners of classical Chinese medicine, and many government representatives from the People’s Republic of China.  Following the opening ceremony the hospital held its first ever Sino-Foreign Chinese Medicine Academic Forum, which continued for the next three days and consisted of lectures on classical Chinese medicine by the hospital’s founder Dr. Jiang Feng and other staff members, clinical demonstrations of various therapies, as well as roundtable discussions on classical Chinese diagnostic methods and other relevant topics.

The event was covered by several representatives of the local Chinese media, including this article from the Yellow Mountain District government’s official website.  In my capacity as Director of Foreign Affairs for the hospital I was asked to translate for the government representatives, and also speak on behalf of the representatives of the foreign nations in attendance.


Translating for Dr. Jiang.


In his address Vice Magistrate of the Yellow Mountain District People’s Government Mr. Shi Ping stated, “Chinese Medicine belongs not only to China, but to the whole world.”


The entrance to Apricot Forest Hospital’s outpatient clinic on the day of the opening ceremony.


Over 100 foreign experts from 10 countries participate in the 2013 Sino-Foreign Chinese Medicine Academic Forum following the conclusion of the hospital’s opening ceremony.