Grady W. Leach IV, J.D. is a small-town native of Gadsden, Alabama.

Grady graduated from the Alabama School of Mathematics & Science, an experimental residential high school in Mobile, Alabama, where he fell in love with foreign languages.  He received the Sewanee Scholarship to attend the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, where he earned degrees in Russian and Spanish language while studying abroad extensively.  Following graduation Grady was awarded the Dean’s Scholarship to attend the University of Alabama School of Law where here earned his Juris Doctor.

After becoming a member of the Tennessee Bar in 2005 Grady moved from Nashville, Tennessee to Hollywood, California to work in the Motion Picture and Television business at the flagship office of the world-renowned William Morris Agency, LLC.

In 2007 and while still at the agency Grady published his first book, “The Stress Vaccine”, detailing the core principles and technique of a holistic drug-free method for dealing with stress, anxiety, panic attacks & depression developed through his independent studies with several well-known Chinese medical practitioners in the United States.  In the summer of that same year he also made his first trip to mainland China where he formally became the student of the premiere practitioner of classical Chinese medicine and medical qigong in Asia, Dr. Jiang Feng.

In 2008 Grady left the United States and moved to China to complete a traditional apprenticeship in Dr. Jiang’s classical Chinese medicine & medical qigong.  Since 2008 he has lived and worked full-time in mainland China where he now serves as Director of Foreign Affairs and interpreter-in-residence at Dr. Jiang’s Apricot Forest Chinese Medicine Hospital which opened formally in February of 2013.

As the only Western practitioner of Dr. Jiang’s medicine, Grady travels regularly to Europe and the Americas to serve as an integrative health consultant to those clients who are interested in genuine classical Chinese medicine but unable to travel to China.  For those desiring to travel to China for diagnosis and treatment from Dr. Jiang himself Grady will continue to personally organize a select few group trips to the hospital throughout the year.